“This is all kinds of wonderful. I love low-key dangerous Ian! Mickey's badass but he let's Ian take care of him in the important ways. Ian being protective of Mickey (and Mandy) I love that, Mickey usually don't have someone to watch his back. To take care of him with his well-being as the top-most priority. Mickey needs and deserves that.”

“Mickey deserves all the love and I really like to see the Gallaghers at the top of the food chain.”
“Great story. I like the way you hinted at Ian's sketchy side. Made me scared of Ian and his mob life.”
“Gallaghers, at the top of the heap, and Mickey letting himself be loved”

这个Ian是看过最宠Mickey 的,虽然各个AU中他们都爱的火花四溅。讲的是Mickey和男朋友分手后遇到Ian。戏剧冲突及解决没有很满意,但是里面的Ian写的非常好,和前几季一样,有目标,有计划,有决心,有爱。这才是Mickey的guiding angel, 才是Mickey的Ian。

目前看到最好的move on文


Cupcake: Hey, Mickey. I want to talk to you.
Mickey: What’s up, cupcake?
C: I am going out in a few days.
M: Good for you.
C: I’ll miss you. Can I visit you?
M: Go out and have a life. Don’t come back here. 
C: I am worried about you.
M: What’s to worry about? I am fine. I can take care of myself. Ian’s here, too.
C: I just worry.
M: Thanks for watching out for me. But I have to do this on my own.
C: I hate it if anyone broke your heart again.
M: It’s not gonna happen, trust me.

A glimpse of Ian’s apology

Sorry, Mick, I wasn’t doing ok while you were away; sorry I hurt you more than I meant to.

[修复]No need to prove

I: Mick, I am gonna show you all the sunrise pictures I took in these years once we get out of this shithole and have my phone back. They are beautiful, you should check them out! Saved them for you.
M: Oh, yeah? What did your boyfriends say?
I: Never told them.
M: Why?
I: Guess I was hiding the truth that I was on the brink of the manic phase.
M: Why did you have to hide it?
I: You know, I was obsessed with the idea of proving that I could be a normal loving boyfriend, that I am not broken. Didn’t think I could do it with you though.
M: But prove it to whom?
I: I don’t know. Maybe to myself maybe to you.
M: You don’t have to prove anything to me or to anyone, man!
I: Yeah, you know what? I missed you so much that you were a constant distraction to my whole proving process. You owe me!
M: Fuck you! is what I owe you!