目前看到最好的move on文


Cupcake: Hey, Mickey. I want to talk to you.
Mickey: Hey, Cupcake. what’s up?
C: I am going out in a few days.
M: Good for you.
C: I’ll miss you. Can I visit you?
M: Why do you want to come back to this shithole, go out and have a life. You were not supposed to be here anyway.
C: I am worried about you.
M: What’s to worry about? I am fine. I can take care of myself. Ian’s here, too.
C: That’s exactly what worries me. He broke your heart. You derserve a proper closure. You do that and then you can move on.
M: I don’t know...
C: I hate it if anyone breaks your heart again.
M: I would hate that too.
C: Let me talk to you, please?
M: You don’t have to do that.
C: I want to. I care about you.
M: Don’t say that shit.

A glimpse of Ian’s apology

I: Sorry, Mick, I wasn’t doing ok while you were away; sorry I hurt you more than I meant to.

[修复]No need to prove

I: Mick, I am gonna show you all the sunrise pictures I took in these years once we get out of this shithole and have my phone back. They are beautiful, you should check them out! Saved them for you.
M: Oh, yeah? What did your boyfriends say?
I: Never told them.
M: Why?
I: Guess I was hiding the truth that I was on the brink of the manic phase.
M: Why did you have to hide it?
I: You know, I was obsessed with the idea of proving that I could be a normal loving boyfriend, that I am not broken. Didn’t think I could do it with you though.
M: But prove it to whom?
I: I don’t know. Maybe to myself maybe to you.
M: You don’t have to prove anything to me or to anyone, man!
I: Yeah, you know what? I missed you so much that you were a constant distraction to my whole proving process. You owe me!
M: Fuck you!